The holiday collage

Ever since I had got the digital camera, I delete more pix than I would keep. But as well I shoot minimum ten fold the amount. I am floating in a sea of images, memories and events, all well stored on the hard drive. It is similar with writing. During train journeys I write with pen and paper. And then I often think how it must have been in former times, when the great brains have compiled their works. Striking through now and then, yes, but erasing entire pages or paragraphs? Working with the computer, a whole sentence is often only the fifth or the sixth try till finally it remains. Moving blocks from here to there, cutting parts and deleting others. Result is a surrogate of multiple trains of thoughts.

Are those the signs of a new time – the trial- and error age? The cutting and arbitrary pasting of the best ideas? And if that is so: Do I apply such methods in other fields as well? For example on holiday? Do I travel sometimes here sometimes there, and replace old memories with new ones, better ones? If ever I find an answer, most likely I will note it down in a train; well thought out.


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