On the wooden track

Transporting the timber out in SiliguriWe cannot really follow our affinity to solid wooden furniture here. Timber has a doubtful reputation. Our dreams of antique teak-furniture we had to bury. Here, wood is in times of shrinking forests everything but a status symbol. Armoires a welded together from metal, chairs are mostly plastic, same goes for tables. Beds seem to be an exception. They are mostly made of timber, even metal beds we have rarely seen as of now. Plywood as well is quite popular as a construction material for interior. On advise of a friend, we have opted for a regional specialty. Siliguri is famous for cane furniture. And consequently our sofa set including the small table is caned. The frames of our dining table and the chairs are made of more stable cane. But for the table top we had to compromise with our bad conscience. The disadvantages of glass, especially when considering the small children in the household, the bumpiness of cane netting, and the swellability of plywood finally made us see the carpenter. And since we dine on a extraordinarily expensive massive table top.

During the two weeks that we had to wait for the refill gas cylinder, daily every afternoon a caravan of people has passed our house carrying bunches of wooden sticks on their heads or on bicycles. Freshly lumbered in the forests, most probably not to the benevolence of the forest department. Our maid explained us that in her house she uses fueling wood as well for cooking and that she actually doesn’t like gas cooking too much. Moreover, it was much too costly. Roughly trice the price she had to pay for gas for one month cooking. Cheap fuelling wood and expensive gas. Whether this help conserving the forests? Conservation can be fun, but only if the rice is well cooked.


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