Being on the safe side


The chief of a Siliguri Police station uses the bicycle for coming to work – a quite praiseworthy deed. In the yard of the beat office he locks his cycle. Habit, caution, or an unspoken statement on the safety level of police beat offices’ courtyards? A big gate, permanently locked and a watch dog – in our housing complex courtyard we did not lock the bicycles for a long time. Until the watchman reported his sorrow that they might be stolen. We have followed his advise. After all, we don’t want to put ourselves in the cultural offside. Just to be on the safe side.

A group of sleeping street dogs, no dog piles in sight
A group of sleeping street dogs. No dog piles in sight.

But in Europe dangers lurk, that are rarely observed here. A group of sleeping street dogs, no dog piles in sightStraying dogs are a common sight. On almost every corner they roam, or the sleep in house entrances or in the middle of the street. They feed themselves on leftovers and pass their time with fights to climb up in the pecking order. Now the question arises: Why so few dog piles? Is it undernourishment so that consequently the droppings are less? Or do they have special defecation beats, far off the streets and pavements? It is fascinating: While in many places of Berlin one has to balance circumspectly on its toes, here you can easily let your eyes travel around. It is amazing, but there is hardly any dog dirt. Then cow pats are a much more common sight. But they are so big that changes are quite high to walk the world with clean shoes on.


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